About Photon..

We have been making visuals for over 20 years, and are specialize in very special “analog” visuals. All our gear is home build, or modified to fit our needs for using liquids, oils, boiling liquids, mercury (quicksilver), glass, prisms, and whatever we find fun to use. We do large scale visuals on buildings, trees, hills, walls, screens, or whatever you find possible to light up.

Our arsenal include a 60.000 ansi lumen Hardware projector for really powerful light-ups. And our home build machines include light bulbs with 575W - 4000W HMI and 550W - 7000W Xenon bulbs.
So the machines we build can really blow out some serious light. And many work hours have been put into the build ups. We also have big size video projectors too be used with computer graphics.

We mix and operate liquids in hand, and make the visuals live on screen with this “analog” setup. It gives some very special visuals rarely seen around, where nowadays people mostly only use computer generated graphics. We are also doing serious computer graphics, and mix this with our analog visuals for screens setups.

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Gateway at Boom Festival.
Analog liquids mixed with digital visuals.